I never understood homophobia.

Like what is it that you’re afraid of exactly?

I’m sure that just because a dude likes other dudes doesn’t mean he likes EVERY other dude. I’m sure they have preferences and taste and whatnot. And it’s not like one is gonna corner you in an elevator and bend you over.

It’s also not like “the gay” is an epidemic.

So what is it exactly?

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Anonymous said: I love Tanner because he is lovable! Why do people hate him? He's just like any other kid...

Wassup! :)

Hey Tanner…everyone gets hated on. It doesn’t matter who they are, because it happens to everyone. Straight people get hated on, blacks, asians, hispanics, even whites. I probably shouldn’t use these labels, but the point that I want to make is that they aren’t making fun of you because you are gay. They’re making fun of you because you’re different. It’s why everyone is bullied. I was bullied because I was different too. An asshole is simply an asshole. But who cares about them? This is not just for Tanner, this is for any kid out here who gets teased. You’re better than that. You aren’t low enough to hurt another person. You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You’re wonderful.

Anonymous said: Everyone gets hated on. Don't let it get to you Tanner. You're cooler than the rest and that's all that matters. ;)

Anonymous said: He's awesome! And his dance pictures are cool :)

Anonymous said: I wish there was a blog like this for all of the suffering kids. Everyone needs to be told that they are loved. The whole prejudice thing is stupid, really. Why do other people give a damn about who YOU love, whether girl or boy? What people need to learn is to NOT GIVE A SHIT about what other people think. There are many assholes in life who try to mess your life up for no real reason. It doesn't matter who you are. Just know that they don't matter.

It DOES matter who you are. Everyone matters. But as long as you ARE you, people either have to accept that, or like the above says: forgettaboutem.


Anonymous said: I love Tanner because he deserves to be love! I browse through his blog from time to time. I really like his dancing pictures and his kitten pictures. They make me go :D and :3! I hope he continues to do well!

Anonymous said: He's a sweetheart. My heart goes out to him for what he has been through. Kids don't know any better than to pick on others when they're young. Hopefully they'll mature in time, although some people never do. No matter what, he should never hate himself for who he is.

Anonymous said: Tanner is awesome because he just is! :) I hope he is doing well and hope he gets into that summer dance program he wanted to do.


Posting this again in honor of all the wonderful proud mothers. Happy Mothers Day!!


Posting this again in honor of all the wonderful proud mothers. Happy Mothers Day!!

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rickyhitler said: Regardless of Tanner's sexuality, I think he is a cool dude. He doesn't intentionally bother anybody, slander anybody or put anybody down. He just goes on with his life while naive, ignorant children harass him because they don't have anything more fulfilling to do with their lives.

Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger, but faces it head-on.
Alice Miller

You’re as awesome as this kitty :3

Anonymous said: I love Tanner because he's a fabulous, courageous and loving little gay boy and very handsome too I might add.

Anonymous said: Tanner is in fact very unique looking and it is so cruel that kids latch onto that and torment him for it, but I personally think he has a very uniquely attractive look and I know quite a few others who would agree. ;)

Love is love. Period.

Dear Tanner, (breakmyeverything.tumblr.com)

It is absolutely unacceptable that you are being exposed to this kind of hate.

Here's some love, Tanner.

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